Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fab India Aloe Vera Protein Conditioner

The No. 2 reason, which ruined my hair - Fab India Aloe Vera Protein Conditioner. No. 1 position is always for The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo. These two loser products together gave me a terrific hair fall.

I think now I don't have to explain much. I bought this conditioner after reading good reviews. I wanted a light conditioner that does not weigh my fine hair down.

As always, we will start with good.


1. Very light and mild conditioner, so easy to clean up from hair
2. Does not weigh the hair down
3. Gives smoothness to hair
4. Good for oily or normal hair (dry hair people have to use extra amount, that may weigh hair down, if you have a thin    hair)


1. Hair fall!!! Hair fall!!! Hair fall!!!
2. Not for dry hair
3. Packaging is stupid, I literally have to apply my entire enrgy to squeeze the conditioner out when it is about to the    half of the bottle
4. Contains silicones

Package Information:

Claims:  A perfect everyday use, Fabindia Aloe Vera Protein conditioner is mild, containing extracts of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It hydrates and softens your hair, and restores natural moisture balance giving the hair healthy sheen.

Key Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera Extract, Vit E Acetate, Polyquaternium 11, Cetrimonium Chloride, Guar Gum and Panthenol

Price: Rs. 225/- for 250 ml

Foot Note: I will never repurchase it even by mistake...

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